Service Description

It is a service that provides a faculty member the ability to verify students' data in the attendance and absence file for full time courses extracted from the BlackBoard collaborate Ultra system, where a file of the type of CSV is uploaded and through this service another file corresponding to the student’s data is retrieved on the banner system. A faculty member benefits from it in monitoring attendance and absence directly on the banner system

Steps to prepare an attendance and absence file:

  • Extracting the attendance and absence file from the direct lectures system (BlackBoard collaborate Ultra) in CSV format.
  • Do not open or modify the file extracted from (BlackBoard collaborate Ultra).
  • Log in to the attendance and absence file processing service, using your user name and password at the university.
  • Upload the file to the attendance and absence file processing service.
  • Click on Verify Data and wait until the file is prepared after verifying the students' data in the file by referring to the student information in the banner system.
  • Click on Recover File after verification.
  • You can take advantage of this file to upload attendance and absence to the banner system directly using this file.
  • You can upload the extracted file in the banner system by entering the banner system - a service to follow up on the attendance and absence of students

  • Note: Please check the extracted file, and if the matter calls for updating some student data (student academic number) that appears in red in the file, please update it manually by writing the student's university number, it is also necessary before uploading the attendance file on the banner system to delete the row of the faculty name as it is not considered part of List of students.